Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Butterfly in my stomach

I attended the Senior Manager Planning post on 2nd February 2010 at 8th floor, TNB Headquarter. I remembered my boss (Mr.Epol) mentioned I need to be myself and that what I did. And I'm glad that I did well in the session. I don't know what the penal perceived about me (anyway, I knew the panel and she's the most nice lady and friend I ever met), however I'm happy that I did it. Yahoo. 

Yesterday, I felt nothing. I just want to give my best and show to them that I'm the right candidate for the post. However, today I feel nervous, worry and sort of negative feelings. Maybe I put so much hope after meeting Mr. Nice Guy yesterday and when someone in my office said that I might be one of the Top 3 (that is what she heard). I wish it's true. 

Oh no, this shouldn't be happened to me. I should be natural and not to put so much hope, if not I might be devastated later. I have to motivate myself again, this is not the end of my career. If the post doesn't mean to be mine, then maybe I deserve to get better opportunity somewhere. Furthermore, I'm happy with all the supports given by my friends in TNBF. I just love being with them. 

Dear Allah, You know what is best for me, I'm won't regret at all if I have to try and try until I reach my destiny. What I have to do is just be the best and God will do the rest. Butterfly, please go away and let me be myself again tomorrow. Mas, keep smiling and focus, you know you are best and you will always be.


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