Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just to share on what had happened to me today. This incident could be taken as a learning cycle in our life. I've attended course on EWRM at ILSAS however due to commitment as coordinator for e-tender, I couldn't complete the whole day session since I'm required to attend the meeting in the afternoon. The meeting was held in Generation building. 

Well, talking about HQ, the biggest problem there is on the parking area. Luckily, at Generation Building there are quite number of parking space available. There was a parking available near to the building and without thinking twice I just park there. I attended the meeting until 4.15pm and I would say that was a very successful meeting. Then I adjourned from the meeting and prepare to go back to my office. 

This is the surprising part, when I reach the parking area, I saw one car blocked my car. Damn!, straight away I knew that I've done a mistake. I took someone else parking.  Well, without further due, I'm trying to find the security officer in charged and alhamdulillah I met a very nice young man, who willing to help me to find the car owner. I went to his place and heard his conversation with a women (the car owner, her name is S No). 

Oh my, she so rude talking to this guy and I felt sorry for him. I'm apologized for the trouble caused by me. He just smiled. I waited for almost 20minutes and S No still no come down, then Syed (the security supervisor) which I know him quite sometimes came to me and asked why I waited there. I explained everything to him and he said that it will be better if I see, talk and say sorry to this lady. I said ok and we went to 6th floor. 

I think you can guess what happened, she don't want to see me and she gave stupid reason which her husband holding the car key (the fact is she not even married yet). I'm very lucky because Shaari (SM HR Generation) was there to help me. He tried to talk to S No but she's damn stubborn. I just don't understand what she get by doing this!!!. Can't she think that I'm TNB's employee too like she is and we suppose to help each other. I got to know from Shaari she's an executive (not even manager yet but her attitude just so 'kerek'). I told shaari, she never know that one day I might become her boss   ;-)

I waited at the waiting area with Shaari and about 5.30pm she walked to the lift without looking at me and Shaari. Oh well, I saw her sour face...oh my god, if you don't have pretty face but you have good attitude people will appreciate you but this girl doesn't have both!!!. No wonder she not married yet at her age, you deserved it lady!!!

The morale of story here, please be nice, be tolerance and understanding to other people. You never know one day, you might need help from the same person. Read, understand and learn. Mastura, please learn this and never do the same to other people.....

Monday, May 24, 2010

I always thought that I could write better when I'm happy. Normally, I will always visualized love and happy ending story and drawn the plots and story layout for my novel. Well, not many people knows that I love writing. I started with this hobby since school days and I think I should spend more time to polish my talent. Who knows I might be one of the famous author one day, just like Judith Mc Naught. However, sadly to say that the novel never been produced in the market because I don't have the courage to publish it yet. And nobody could give me that courage until today.

As for me, I'm always in mood to write something when I am happy. But sometimes, when I'm sad, I think I could write better because I can express my feeling and thought. Like tonight, I'm pissed off with someone that I would rather not to mention name here. He simply blamed me over things that he already knew and decided. It's okay if you just want to express you dissatisfaction but again, you won't know that you might hurt others people feeling due to something that they not even do. Nobody perfect, either you or me. But before we blame other people, we should ask ourself, if we are at their position, are we going to act better than that? Or am I right to scold them over something that already discussed and agreed. Am I good enough compared to other people?

Well, it's easy to say but hard to practice. I think I should apply more empathy concept when come to managing people. What you give is what you get. Maybe not today and tomorrow but later, you might be at their position when you don't manage it properly. 

By the way, it is time for reviewing back my blog, I've started it in December 2009, every month I posted my story here and I stop for short while in April, now I'm back. I hope I could be more consistent after this. Oh yeah!, I've good news to share here. Finally, I received my promotion letter today. Thank You Allah for blessing me with this rezeki, Thank You to my family, bosses and friend who has supported me all the while. Alhamdulillah. Thanks and Love u all

Sunday, March 28, 2010

In this life, we will be facing a lot of obstacles to make sure that we are strong enough to go through the challenges in life. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are crying like a small girl. Anyone couldn't avoid the fate that already written for us. However, we need to look forward and be positive from what happened because Allah won't test you if He knows that you couldn't take it. 

Recently, someone closer to me broke my heart. I felt so depressed and sad for what had happened. I couldn't confront and talk back because it will make my heart broken again. I would rather to keep my mouth shut and just be patience. However, things doesn't happen as your wish. Things just happened because of someone wanted it happened that way. 

I'm surrendered and just accept it will open heart. Even though it was painful but I know there was a reason behind it. Only Allah knows what is it. I have to be strong and happy because I choose what I want to be and how I want it to be. I've to go back to basic, ask for the forgiveness and pray to Allah to bless my life. I hope I've learnt something from this test and be better person in the future. I pray hard that tomorrow will be brighter and happier again. Insyaallah.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I've taken so long to update my blog. It's not because of no interesting event to update here but I'm too attached with my office works and family. Finally, all the hard works paid off when we successfully managed organizing TNBF's first Business Plan Retreat outside PJ on 5th - 6th March 2010 at TNB PD Condo. Fuhh, such a relieved and I'm very happy saw all my friends very happy with the program organized.


One of the memorable event was TNBF's Masquerade Party. This was the most happening event ever for most of TNBF's staff. We really enjoyed ourselves and the most important things that we've identified the new talents for singing, dancing and acting. Yes, TNBF has a lot of talented personnel. Can you imagine Asihin danced, MD and GMO acted like a PRO. 

I'm happy being a part of this company and I wish the culture that we have can be shared with others department. We fought, argued and showed our sour face but after that we forgive and forget. It's just like a family but it was not by flesh and blood but the heart which makes us like brothers and sisters. 

I wish we could have more activities like this and I already told my closest friends that I might propose to MD to make an arrangement for team building program to be held at a place that is more challenging and definitely more thrill. I hope my wish comes true someday. I LOVE U TNBF. =)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The statement is so meaningful and important to be understood by people who wants to have more friends in their life.You should never ask someone to be your friend while standing in their space and not paying attention to what is going on in their life. A real friend will notice when there is turmoil and chaos - without the words being spoken - and reach out a hand to help. 

A real friend is someone to be cherished and loved, someone you hold dear, someone you naturally find yourself protecting, someone you will drop everything for to help. A friend is someone who cares so much about your well-being that they will never ask you for anything. They won't have to.

A friend never borrows large sums of money. A friend would never sell you their old vehicle or their house. The person you marry should be your best friend. A real friend will always say "I'm sorry" when they have hurt or disappointed you. 

The question is am I be friend enough to my friends. I hope I am and I always will. As a return I really hope I have enough friends to cherish me for sad and happy moments. I love all my friends.

Note : Today, I attended PSMB course and I make friend with 3 new people (Leza, Tracy & Irene). Nice meeting and knowing you girls.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toastmaster Club

Thanks to MD for his effort in introducing Toastmaster Club in TNBF. At first, we were reluctant to join the session due to many stupid reason. Now, we are really enjoy every session and couldn't wait to hear impromptu topics from the funniest ever friends I have in TNBF. 

Each of us were required to participate and surprisingly most of us impatiently volunteering themselves to be next speaker. It was a great session. Even though, our grammatical still becomes the first issue but we have tremendous improvement in term of public speaking. Those who comes to TNBF will be impressed with our confidence level. You come here, then u will know how great we are.

However, our Toastmaster last session will be held in March, when think about it, I feel sad, because we won't have a special session like this again to share our story, interest and funniest sentences. I hope my boss will consider to extend the session even though without PQM's presence. I'm going to miss those names like J, Ain, Jibak, Bro, Naz, Sihin, Nasa, Bob, Fa, Jas, Icesha, S, Puru and others. And as for myself I was known as Mas, Mummy and recently I used Emm (this name I purposely used to arouse my friends)... hahaha...just being naughty with them to spice up our life.

Toastmaster session always makes us toasted but yet still sweet and memorable to each of us! I love Toastmaster session. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I attended the Senior Manager Planning post on 2nd February 2010 at 8th floor, TNB Headquarter. I remembered my boss (Mr.Epol) mentioned I need to be myself and that what I did. And I'm glad that I did well in the session. I don't know what the penal perceived about me (anyway, I knew the panel and she's the most nice lady and friend I ever met), however I'm happy that I did it. Yahoo. 

Yesterday, I felt nothing. I just want to give my best and show to them that I'm the right candidate for the post. However, today I feel nervous, worry and sort of negative feelings. Maybe I put so much hope after meeting Mr. Nice Guy yesterday and when someone in my office said that I might be one of the Top 3 (that is what she heard). I wish it's true. 

Oh no, this shouldn't be happened to me. I should be natural and not to put so much hope, if not I might be devastated later. I have to motivate myself again, this is not the end of my career. If the post doesn't mean to be mine, then maybe I deserve to get better opportunity somewhere. Furthermore, I'm happy with all the supports given by my friends in TNBF. I just love being with them. 

Dear Allah, You know what is best for me, I'm won't regret at all if I have to try and try until I reach my destiny. What I have to do is just be the best and God will do the rest. Butterfly, please go away and let me be myself again tomorrow. Mas, keep smiling and focus, you know you are best and you will always be.


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