Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just to share on what had happened to me today. This incident could be taken as a learning cycle in our life. I've attended course on EWRM at ILSAS however due to commitment as coordinator for e-tender, I couldn't complete the whole day session since I'm required to attend the meeting in the afternoon. The meeting was held in Generation building. 

Well, talking about HQ, the biggest problem there is on the parking area. Luckily, at Generation Building there are quite number of parking space available. There was a parking available near to the building and without thinking twice I just park there. I attended the meeting until 4.15pm and I would say that was a very successful meeting. Then I adjourned from the meeting and prepare to go back to my office. 

This is the surprising part, when I reach the parking area, I saw one car blocked my car. Damn!, straight away I knew that I've done a mistake. I took someone else parking.  Well, without further due, I'm trying to find the security officer in charged and alhamdulillah I met a very nice young man, who willing to help me to find the car owner. I went to his place and heard his conversation with a women (the car owner, her name is S No). 

Oh my, she so rude talking to this guy and I felt sorry for him. I'm apologized for the trouble caused by me. He just smiled. I waited for almost 20minutes and S No still no come down, then Syed (the security supervisor) which I know him quite sometimes came to me and asked why I waited there. I explained everything to him and he said that it will be better if I see, talk and say sorry to this lady. I said ok and we went to 6th floor. 

I think you can guess what happened, she don't want to see me and she gave stupid reason which her husband holding the car key (the fact is she not even married yet). I'm very lucky because Shaari (SM HR Generation) was there to help me. He tried to talk to S No but she's damn stubborn. I just don't understand what she get by doing this!!!. Can't she think that I'm TNB's employee too like she is and we suppose to help each other. I got to know from Shaari she's an executive (not even manager yet but her attitude just so 'kerek'). I told shaari, she never know that one day I might become her boss   ;-)

I waited at the waiting area with Shaari and about 5.30pm she walked to the lift without looking at me and Shaari. Oh well, I saw her sour face...oh my god, if you don't have pretty face but you have good attitude people will appreciate you but this girl doesn't have both!!!. No wonder she not married yet at her age, you deserved it lady!!!

The morale of story here, please be nice, be tolerance and understanding to other people. You never know one day, you might need help from the same person. Read, understand and learn. Mastura, please learn this and never do the same to other people.....


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