Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today I attended a briefing on the Organization Climate Survey (OCS) for TNB. The result had shown a very interesting findings. The speaker was Hj. Adam from Sage as the consultation company. I saw many familiar faces over there and took sometimes to chat with most of them. I even managed to congratulate my ex boss for his coming wedding, if I'm not mistaken is on 12th Feb 2010 at Masjid Putrajaya. I hope his future wife will be his soul mate and make him happy for the rest of his life. 

I guess most of you wonder why my title is climax. That is because the word I heard most today is climax. What does it means? According to, it means the highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something; culmination: or (in a dramatic or literary work) a decisive moment that is of maximum intensity or is a major turning point in a plot. This definition doesn't include 'climate' word.

I guess TNB management has put a lot of effort to get facts and figures to ensure whatever plan and development they going to execute is reasonable and have added value. I just hope, all the bosses will be given with soft skills because the employees will feel free to express their idea and thought. If the leadership skill is improved, TNB will be best organisation soon. 

By the end of the briefing, I felt my stomach cramped and immediately I felt uncomfortable. I'm tried my best to behave normally and then walked slowly to my car. Unfortunately, my parking area was quite far from the ballroom. I've called office to take 1/2day because I don't think that I can reach there by 12. I drove my car to Hospital Serdang, not to get treatment but to meet my sister and seek help from her. She gave me a pain killer pills and said that her study reached its climax when she got the highest marks in her presentation. I'm blinked my eyes to her, and said " Climax again ". 

I reached home about 3pm and my pain felt a bit better. Before I switch on my laptop, my son gave me a women magazine and on it's cover written " Climax for Women ". I don't want to elaborate further the meaning of this statement.    I switched on my laptop and signed up Yahoo Messenger and all of sudden, my U friend text me and shared something. And again I heard the same word. Because of that, I declared today, 28 January 2010 is the climax day for this month. Do your best to reach climax in your u

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Listening to the oldies song today, Sad Movies (make me cry) by Sue Thompson made me recall the sad thing happened to my friend recently. What makes women cry?. Normally women has a soft heart, very sensitive but still can pretend like nothing happens. 

Recently, my friend got to know that his husband having affairs. She tried to pretend like nothing happen but as a friend, I knew she has something in her mind and started asking her. Surprisingly, she told me that her husband has someone else, younger than her. Oh God, why man couldn't be loyal to such a good wife like her. I felt so sad for her but what can I do to help her?. 

I just pray to Allah that she will be strong to face this situation and I hope her husband realizes that he is going to lose someone special. Before she left, I managed to advice her to be strong, patience to face the biggest test in her life and to let her know that I will always be here as her friend and can be her shoulder to cry on. 

I just hope she's going to be fine and this test will be over soon. I would like to express and remind all the men out there, you better watch out, women nowadays wouldn't easily fall and cry because of you. Once you hurt them, 1000 times they will be stronger and better. If you have any intention to hurt them, you better think, not twice but 1000 times because whatever the stupid things that you do today, only will destroy you someday. Big Mistake Men!

Note ; To my dearest friend, don't worry, you will be fine. He doesn't deserve to have you and please don't blame yourself for whatever he did. I know you will be happier soon. If you want to cry today, yes you can cry but remember there is always a hope, happier and brighter future awaits for you tomorrow.
Take care and be strong. Love U.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

When I drafting this text, I'm really felt guilty to myself. I just wonder what made me opened up the old story that I've kept for a long times to someone. I'm not a person who loves to share story about others. I would rather tell story about myself, my family, friends and a little bit of dirty jokes that I used to share with my BFF. Sorry Mas. I hope I won't do that again. 

Talking about secret, I know everyone has their own secret that they wish it won't be revealed especially the secret that will tarnish their pride, image and reputation. As for me, I have a few secret that I just keep it to myself. I believe if you know or hear other people secret and story, you better keep it to yourself. If tell other people it might bring more harm to your life. 

As Taurean women who just loves to be happy and live in peaceful environment, I really hope my friend who knew about the secret that I've revealed today, please keep it to yourself. I think I've shared the story to you today just to release my pain that I've kept for a long times. I'm just an ordinary human that couldn't accept all the gossip that people thrown to me and I'm not a person who will fight back. I just live it to Allah to determine my destiny and may Allah bless my journey of life and let me be the better person always. 

I wish my circle of friends that I've today, consist of the people with high level of trust, love and care and I hope they won't hurt my feeling since once you betray my trust, I won't trust you anymore for the rest of my life. So, please and please be my best friend forever (BFF). XOXO!!! Gossip Girl...

Please listen to this song sung by adorable women, Anna Ternheim about My Secret 

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Lately, I always went out to get my breakfast and lunch. My recent selection  was quite heavy, I took something like Fried Bee Hoon, Fried Rice and those fried things. Yuew, I know that kind of foods was not good, however  I just couldn't stop my appetite. I guess that is because I'm on treatment for chronic urticaria.

Let not talk much about Urticaria, I more concern about my weight, it's keep increasing. Oh my God, I just couldn't stand anymore. My pants and blouses are tight and I looked like "Sarung Nangka". What happened to me? I have to finish what I've started (I quoted this statement from the Big Loser program). I need to motivate myself, oh gosh, it really tough.   

Normally my son will grumbling about my weight but lately he's just ignore me. Wonder why? I guess my hubby already reminded him not to say a thing or he's already tired keep reminding his Mummy to reduce my weight. Okay, I will set the target, by tomorrow I will do my best to stop eating unhealthy food. Promise? Emmm...well we will see.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

As usual every Saturday we enjoyed our family day. Since yesterday I have to attend Bowling Tournament so my hubby decided to take his off today. I cooked Fried Mee in the morning and about 2pm we went to the Curve. Well, I think that is the best place to spend with my family because there are many places to shop, eat and window shopping. 

Our never miss location definitely IKEA, not for shopping but more for eating. Normally, I always find way to attract my hubby attention by grumbling or sulking over small things. Sometimes he likes it and sometimes not. However, I think that makes our relationship stronger. I know my hubby loves me so much and accept me as what I am. So I've tested, teased and shared jokes with him again. I hope in his mind I will remain as young as first time he met me, loves me with my dirty jokes and sexiness that couldn't be compared with other women. Wow, that such a big wishes.  

He did mention about my new hobby, taking photo every places we went. I told him, that is good hobby because of if one day, death do us apart then he will always remember me when he read my blog. He said he don't know my blog address, well I know deeply inside his heart, he doesn't want to lose me so soon. Well, again God knows everything. I will always love you Abang till death do us apart. 

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luckily Ena text me about 7.30am and I rushed to take a bath and get ready to fetch Ena at in front of Crystal Plaza. We arrived at Mines Shopping Complex about 9am, unfortunately the Organizer yet to arrived. This is the typical Malay attitude need to be replaced if we want to be a successful company.

Myself and Ena starving waited for our breakfast and again our luck not so good since they only served us a piece of curry puff and mini burger. Since both of us quite patience, we waited for our colleague to arrive. The games started about 10.10am with Women & Men Trio Group. The women Trio from TNBF represented by Ida Nazlida, Jalilah and myself. We just played, laughed, supported each other without any intention to win since our company comprises only 50 people so the changes to win quite slim (that is what we thought).

The games ended about 5.15pm and surprisingly we won 3 categories and brought back 7 presents and medals. We so happy about it but sad to say that our MD already went back since he got personal thing to do. This is we called Women's power, I believe with this kind of attitude carry by all the personnel in TNBF, we will be the excellence company globally, well we never know that one day TNBF might lead by a woman. Pray hard for it!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Today myself, Ainul and Ena decided to have our lunch at Brisik Restaurant located at Jaya 1, PJ. Most probably, we are so tired eating at canteen and Crystal Plaza area, so we want to try something new. Thanks to Ainul for her creative and marvelous idea.

We really enjoyed our ladies time together and a lot laugh and funny story we shared during our short lunch. We ordered Thailand Rice Fried Beef & Avacado (Avokad) drink for me, Fried Kuey Teow & Avokad for Ainul and Tomyam Fried Be Hoon & Kedondong Asam Boi for Ena.

The side order that came together as a package are Sagu Gula Melaka and a choice of Kerabu Mangga or Gado-gado. I choose Kerabu Manga, the food was good even though the price is quite high. The total cost for 3 of us was about RM85. It's okay because we really happy with the environment offered by this restaurant. I hope one day I can bring my family to enjoy the food in here.

Ainul already made a plan to go to Tea House one day. So, just wait and see what that restaurant can offer us. We back to the office about 2.20pm and we still share the laugh with other officemates. Thanks Ainul for introducing us to such a nice place and brought us back with a full stomach.

Oh! just to share the naughties thing I did because so stressed out with my outstanding works, I teased Abang Misai before he rushed to go back by telling him that his pant was unzip and he got really shocked, then after I laugh of laugh after managed tease him with my joke. Now I felt guilty for the thing that I have done to him. Sorry Abang Misai, I won't do the same joke to you again in the future....LOL

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I love My Career

Some people said that it is not worth to love your career. I have been working with the same company for almost 13 years. recently, a good friend of mine did ask me, why I still remain in TNB? Well it's hard for me to explain but if I need to describe it in one word, I would say 'LOYALTY'.

What makes me loyal to this company?. Let me put it in a very simple explanation which are;-
  1. My father was TNB's staff and had worked for the past 27 years and I got to know about LLN/TNB since I was 6 years old. I felt gratitude for this company because I can live comfortably, staying in a good house loaned by TNB and further my study.
  2. I got TNB scholarship during my first year degree and I was thankful that with the money I can support my study, started with car rental business for UUM students and support my family's living. All of that happened because of the money sponsored by TNB. I guess if I'm not TNB's scholarship holder, I might not complete my study timely.
  3. I've completed my degree in June 1997, in August I was called for an interview and I got my offer letter in December 1997. When others still struggling to send resume, I already got my first job with a multinational company. With this company, I started learning and growing to face the real world.
My love to my work and career is priceless. I'm not saying that I'm happy all the times, there was a hard time that I've to face until I decided to render my resignation. But with the advice and support I received from my father and someone that I respect most in TNB (now he's already retired), I pull back my decision because I love this company and I don't want to destroy my dream, loyalty and respect towards to this company just because of the system and people that made other demoralized.

I believe if I still love this company and my career, I should be part of the management team to change the system and people and bring this company to the highest level. I promise to myself that I will give my fullest contribution, respect and love to this company and I hope one day, one of my children will be part of TNB's family and bring this company to excel globally.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm very happy that my life this year has started with a bright luck. I went to Tesco Mutiara yesterday and today I got to know that I've won 1000 points from Tesco. Even though, the prize was small however, I'm glad that I had won the prize from thousand of people who went to Tesco yesterday.

The point will be entered into my account and I'm eligible to convert it with cash. The cash amount is not much but better have something without nothing. That is what "Law of Attraction" has thought me, gratitude attitude needs to be applied for every achievement received and don't forget to aim for bigger.

I believe this year will give more luck and happiness in my life. Well, I hope my career will excel and my contribution will be rewarded accordingly. I'm smiling at the moment when think about what I've achieved at this point of time. Alhamdulillah.

My kids really had a good times yesterday. All school stuffs purchased already and they are ready to start their new school year. Looking at the smiling and happy faces shown by them, I remember those days during my childhood. My parents couldn't affort to buy new things every year, normally I just used whatever I had last year. I'm not lucky as much as my children have nowadays. My husband keep advising my children to improve their score since my daughter will take her UPSR this year and my eldest son need to prepare for his PMR next year.

I really hope that they listened to what his said and be better person in the future. Normally parents willing to sacrifice a lot of things to their children and sometimes our children just couldn't understand the real meaning behind all the advices given. As a parents, we just need to provide the best to our children and let them understand that this life is about to choose between bad and good, worst and better, rich and poor and etc. Do our level best to give support and guidance so that they will choose the best for their life

Saturday, January 2, 2010

School is opening soon. Oh my God, I've got a lot of things to do. My youngest son is growing bigger, I mean he's became fatter after coming back from Sarawak with his Grandma ( his uncle called him 'Insang' just because of he has flabby skin at his back, I think that's funny).

This means I have to buy new uniform, shoes and other stuffs. Today we are going to find those things. I hope it's not to late to find it now since stock left might be not many. I love to do my shopping but when come to buy things like school stuffs, I'll feel like going to SPA afterwards because of the energy that I've to put in is more than usual.

Anyway, whatever it is, all the things I do today is for the benefit of my children. I hope they will see it as an encouragement for them to excel in their study. I got to go now, my hubby and kids already making noise because of I'm still sticking with my laptop. Until next time, I might share my shopping experience with my kids later.


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