Saturday, January 16, 2010

When I drafting this text, I'm really felt guilty to myself. I just wonder what made me opened up the old story that I've kept for a long times to someone. I'm not a person who loves to share story about others. I would rather tell story about myself, my family, friends and a little bit of dirty jokes that I used to share with my BFF. Sorry Mas. I hope I won't do that again. 

Talking about secret, I know everyone has their own secret that they wish it won't be revealed especially the secret that will tarnish their pride, image and reputation. As for me, I have a few secret that I just keep it to myself. I believe if you know or hear other people secret and story, you better keep it to yourself. If tell other people it might bring more harm to your life. 

As Taurean women who just loves to be happy and live in peaceful environment, I really hope my friend who knew about the secret that I've revealed today, please keep it to yourself. I think I've shared the story to you today just to release my pain that I've kept for a long times. I'm just an ordinary human that couldn't accept all the gossip that people thrown to me and I'm not a person who will fight back. I just live it to Allah to determine my destiny and may Allah bless my journey of life and let me be the better person always. 

I wish my circle of friends that I've today, consist of the people with high level of trust, love and care and I hope they won't hurt my feeling since once you betray my trust, I won't trust you anymore for the rest of my life. So, please and please be my best friend forever (BFF). XOXO!!! Gossip Girl...

Please listen to this song sung by adorable women, Anna Ternheim about My Secret 


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