Sunday, January 10, 2010

As usual every Saturday we enjoyed our family day. Since yesterday I have to attend Bowling Tournament so my hubby decided to take his off today. I cooked Fried Mee in the morning and about 2pm we went to the Curve. Well, I think that is the best place to spend with my family because there are many places to shop, eat and window shopping. 

Our never miss location definitely IKEA, not for shopping but more for eating. Normally, I always find way to attract my hubby attention by grumbling or sulking over small things. Sometimes he likes it and sometimes not. However, I think that makes our relationship stronger. I know my hubby loves me so much and accept me as what I am. So I've tested, teased and shared jokes with him again. I hope in his mind I will remain as young as first time he met me, loves me with my dirty jokes and sexiness that couldn't be compared with other women. Wow, that such a big wishes.  

He did mention about my new hobby, taking photo every places we went. I told him, that is good hobby because of if one day, death do us apart then he will always remember me when he read my blog. He said he don't know my blog address, well I know deeply inside his heart, he doesn't want to lose me so soon. Well, again God knows everything. I will always love you Abang till death do us apart. 


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