Saturday, January 9, 2010

Luckily Ena text me about 7.30am and I rushed to take a bath and get ready to fetch Ena at in front of Crystal Plaza. We arrived at Mines Shopping Complex about 9am, unfortunately the Organizer yet to arrived. This is the typical Malay attitude need to be replaced if we want to be a successful company.

Myself and Ena starving waited for our breakfast and again our luck not so good since they only served us a piece of curry puff and mini burger. Since both of us quite patience, we waited for our colleague to arrive. The games started about 10.10am with Women & Men Trio Group. The women Trio from TNBF represented by Ida Nazlida, Jalilah and myself. We just played, laughed, supported each other without any intention to win since our company comprises only 50 people so the changes to win quite slim (that is what we thought).

The games ended about 5.15pm and surprisingly we won 3 categories and brought back 7 presents and medals. We so happy about it but sad to say that our MD already went back since he got personal thing to do. This is we called Women's power, I believe with this kind of attitude carry by all the personnel in TNBF, we will be the excellence company globally, well we never know that one day TNBF might lead by a woman. Pray hard for it!


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