Saturday, January 23, 2010

Listening to the oldies song today, Sad Movies (make me cry) by Sue Thompson made me recall the sad thing happened to my friend recently. What makes women cry?. Normally women has a soft heart, very sensitive but still can pretend like nothing happens. 

Recently, my friend got to know that his husband having affairs. She tried to pretend like nothing happen but as a friend, I knew she has something in her mind and started asking her. Surprisingly, she told me that her husband has someone else, younger than her. Oh God, why man couldn't be loyal to such a good wife like her. I felt so sad for her but what can I do to help her?. 

I just pray to Allah that she will be strong to face this situation and I hope her husband realizes that he is going to lose someone special. Before she left, I managed to advice her to be strong, patience to face the biggest test in her life and to let her know that I will always be here as her friend and can be her shoulder to cry on. 

I just hope she's going to be fine and this test will be over soon. I would like to express and remind all the men out there, you better watch out, women nowadays wouldn't easily fall and cry because of you. Once you hurt them, 1000 times they will be stronger and better. If you have any intention to hurt them, you better think, not twice but 1000 times because whatever the stupid things that you do today, only will destroy you someday. Big Mistake Men!

Note ; To my dearest friend, don't worry, you will be fine. He doesn't deserve to have you and please don't blame yourself for whatever he did. I know you will be happier soon. If you want to cry today, yes you can cry but remember there is always a hope, happier and brighter future awaits for you tomorrow.
Take care and be strong. Love U.


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