Saturday, January 2, 2010

School is opening Soon!

School is opening soon. Oh my God, I've got a lot of things to do. My youngest son is growing bigger, I mean he's became fatter after coming back from Sarawak with his Grandma ( his uncle called him 'Insang' just because of he has flabby skin at his back, I think that's funny).

This means I have to buy new uniform, shoes and other stuffs. Today we are going to find those things. I hope it's not to late to find it now since stock left might be not many. I love to do my shopping but when come to buy things like school stuffs, I'll feel like going to SPA afterwards because of the energy that I've to put in is more than usual.

Anyway, whatever it is, all the things I do today is for the benefit of my children. I hope they will see it as an encouragement for them to excel in their study. I got to go now, my hubby and kids already making noise because of I'm still sticking with my laptop. Until next time, I might share my shopping experience with my kids later.


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