Friday, January 8, 2010

Today myself, Ainul and Ena decided to have our lunch at Brisik Restaurant located at Jaya 1, PJ. Most probably, we are so tired eating at canteen and Crystal Plaza area, so we want to try something new. Thanks to Ainul for her creative and marvelous idea.

We really enjoyed our ladies time together and a lot laugh and funny story we shared during our short lunch. We ordered Thailand Rice Fried Beef & Avacado (Avokad) drink for me, Fried Kuey Teow & Avokad for Ainul and Tomyam Fried Be Hoon & Kedondong Asam Boi for Ena.

The side order that came together as a package are Sagu Gula Melaka and a choice of Kerabu Mangga or Gado-gado. I choose Kerabu Manga, the food was good even though the price is quite high. The total cost for 3 of us was about RM85. It's okay because we really happy with the environment offered by this restaurant. I hope one day I can bring my family to enjoy the food in here.

Ainul already made a plan to go to Tea House one day. So, just wait and see what that restaurant can offer us. We back to the office about 2.20pm and we still share the laugh with other officemates. Thanks Ainul for introducing us to such a nice place and brought us back with a full stomach.

Oh! just to share the naughties thing I did because so stressed out with my outstanding works, I teased Abang Misai before he rushed to go back by telling him that his pant was unzip and he got really shocked, then after I laugh of laugh after managed tease him with my joke. Now I felt guilty for the thing that I have done to him. Sorry Abang Misai, I won't do the same joke to you again in the future....LOL


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