Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Things I Love to Do Most

" Mas, let us arrange for gathering with our friends and talk about how to work from home ". A simple statement from a friend but very meaningful to me. Now, the only way for you to earn money from home is through electronic business or do blogging.

Those days I spent my leisure time by doing crafting, cooking and reading. I still doing the same activities that I love to do until now. The only changes that I've made recently when I saw an opportunity to earn extra pocket money through blogging. Well, since I'm happy writing all the life story, I think why not I just give a try. No harm trying.

I really enjoy doing my blog and I think as at today, that is the thing that I love to do most. Writing into my Blog is like writing my own diary, keeping all the feelings and memories into an electronic book.


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