Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toastmaster Club

Thanks to MD for his effort in introducing Toastmaster Club in TNBF. At first, we were reluctant to join the session due to many stupid reason. Now, we are really enjoy every session and couldn't wait to hear impromptu topics from the funniest ever friends I have in TNBF. 

Each of us were required to participate and surprisingly most of us impatiently volunteering themselves to be next speaker. It was a great session. Even though, our grammatical still becomes the first issue but we have tremendous improvement in term of public speaking. Those who comes to TNBF will be impressed with our confidence level. You come here, then u will know how great we are.

However, our Toastmaster last session will be held in March, when think about it, I feel sad, because we won't have a special session like this again to share our story, interest and funniest sentences. I hope my boss will consider to extend the session even though without PQM's presence. I'm going to miss those names like J, Ain, Jibak, Bro, Naz, Sihin, Nasa, Bob, Fa, Jas, Icesha, S, Puru and others. And as for myself I was known as Mas, Mummy and recently I used Emm (this name I purposely used to arouse my friends)... hahaha...just being naughty with them to spice up our life.

Toastmaster session always makes us toasted but yet still sweet and memorable to each of us! I love Toastmaster session. 


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