Sunday, March 28, 2010

When I'm Heart Broken

In this life, we will be facing a lot of obstacles to make sure that we are strong enough to go through the challenges in life. Sometimes we are happy and sometimes we are crying like a small girl. Anyone couldn't avoid the fate that already written for us. However, we need to look forward and be positive from what happened because Allah won't test you if He knows that you couldn't take it. 

Recently, someone closer to me broke my heart. I felt so depressed and sad for what had happened. I couldn't confront and talk back because it will make my heart broken again. I would rather to keep my mouth shut and just be patience. However, things doesn't happen as your wish. Things just happened because of someone wanted it happened that way. 

I'm surrendered and just accept it will open heart. Even though it was painful but I know there was a reason behind it. Only Allah knows what is it. I have to be strong and happy because I choose what I want to be and how I want it to be. I've to go back to basic, ask for the forgiveness and pray to Allah to bless my life. I hope I've learnt something from this test and be better person in the future. I pray hard that tomorrow will be brighter and happier again. Insyaallah.


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